Biking in cold weather

With more and more people biking to work here are some good tips for the cold weather. We all know about layers and the poster below has great tips too. Here are some of our own tips.

1. Your first layer should be synthetic. Not cotton. Silk long underwear is great if you do not want bulk. If you are biking for 20-70 min. in 33-39 deg. the thinnest silk will be fine. It gives you just enough insulation (with other layers) to get you to work without feeling like you have to take it off when you get there. You completely forget about it. Even though it's silk, it's not expensive. Thin wool, or other synthetics are great. There are so many. A tight fitting synthetic sports jersey from your favorite team or logo brand can work if it is thin. Just not cotton.

2. For $1.50, a chemical hand-warmers slipped into your glove for those really cold days? Still cheaper than gas, tolls or the subway. If bought in packs, can be even cheaper. If you are biking 60min in 33 deg, these slipped into your gloves, are great.

3. Cover you ears. Cover your ears. Cover your ears. Tight fitting bike cap with brim and ear flaps for under your helmet. Ideal.

4. Thin sock liners. Double socks basically.  If the first pair are synthetic and really thin you can wear all day and you will make it to work.

5. Waterproof, synthetic wind breaking outer wear jacket. Be stylish here if you want, just make sure it works.

6. If your core is warm, and you get going, your hands and feet will stay warmer a bit longer. The core is the easiest to make sure is insulated. So no excuses here.

7. Put lip balm on, and use a moisturizer on your skin regularly in winter and before you go out.

8. Not sure we would recommend a scarf when biking as per below. Remember what happened to a Isadora Duncan. EeeeK!