How can Architects help?

Most people know that Architects design buildings. After that, it can get a bit murky. 
What Architects do and how they can help is best be summed as:

  • Organize 
  • Verbalize 
  • Visualize 
  • Realize 


Architects give structure to a project not only in steel and concrete but to the process of design and construction: We Organize a structure in more ways than one. Architects provide management, provide project team building, conduct research of existing conditions and surroundings, prepare project schedules, and assist in budgets. While doing this, we provide clear visuals to support and describe the project organization and discoveries for everyone on the team. These visuals change and hone over time and as the project develops and moves forward. 




Architects are skilled in taking your vision and enhancing and clarifying it for a larger audience. We support your ideas in the form of presentations, meetings and written documents. Whether to a city agency, a board of directors, potential tenant. We help verbalize and describe what is good and beneficial about a project to an owner, a user, and the larger community. When you work with an Architecture firm, you get the skills of more than one architect, you get the skills of an entire team of individuals, who are experts in various fields related to planning, design construction, and the communities in which we live. We are constantly listening, speaking, writing, describing, and participating, with the people that make successful projects. 



Architects visualize the project, not only as a finished design, but at every stage. These visualization skills can be used to analyze how much of an existing structure can be reused and absorbed into the new. We visualize how various options fit into a larger context. We show how critical systems look and what can be changed to make the project more cost effective and constructable. As a project develops, these visualizations become critical to understanding the complexities of a project, help make informed changes and gain city approvals in some cases. And finally, architects can provide visualizations of what a place really feels like. Even allowing to imagine oneself drinking tea in a comfy chair. 

Puck Building

Puck Building


Architects are there to Realize the project. Whether to solve problems during construction or insure the quality of the construction, we provide protection for your vision. We insure that the project is built to match the design drawings and the specifications. In some ways we come full circle bringing all of our organizational, verbalization, and visualization skills and “historical” knowledge of the project to an entirely new team. A team responsible for constructing the project in steel, glass and mortar.