Times Square's Future

by William Fellows

Times Square is going through some changes, not just physical, but psychological changes. Would you sit in a lawn chair in the middle of Times Square and lounge around? Is Times Square a place to linger, to disengage and contemplate your thoughts? It is not the first place that comes to mind, but these recent changes are moving us in that direction.

The changes are positive and potentially important to the rethinking of Times Square that began several decades ago. The most recent changes are the closing of sections of Broadway in Times Square and the narrowing of Broadway both above and below it.

The images posted here are attempts to rethink what Times Square could be. This process encourages your thoughts not only on what you think about the possible but the phenomenal, after all that is at the very nature of Times Square. Ultimately, we feel this will contribute to the realization of what is public space and public identity in Times Square.